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Showcasing Epoxy Resin Art on Social Media

Today’s artists have the unique ability to open their “gallery” to a worldwide audience. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram bring artists and art lovers together, whether they live a few miles or a few continents apart.

For epoxy resin artists, social media may serve simply to share their beautiful projects with the world. For others, it’s a simple, effective way to reach potential customers and showcase their work and craftsmanship to sell more of their projects.

The first step in showcasing epoxy resin art on social media is to have several pieces ready to show. While multiple posts and pictures about each piece are fine, a series of several projects demonstrates the repeatable skill of the artist and creates a more interesting social profile.

Secondly, artists should take special care in the quality of their photos. Proper lighting and interesting angles matter, as do backgrounds and captions for each post. Use the captions to tell a story about the piece. What does it mean to the artist? What can the buyer use the piece for in their home or personal gallery?

As artists build their portfolio of projects and start posting them on Instagram, Facebook, or other social platforms, they naturally want people to view, comment on, and purchase their art. The more people in an artist’s social network, the more views and shares they get for each post.

Epoxy Resin

Take a look at which hashtags (descriptive, searchable tags--#resinart #epoxyresin #rivertables, for example) resonate with the audience that would be most interested in epoxy resin art. Use several hashtags on each post to attract the attention of the right viewers.

Another way to build a following is by engaging with other artists and influencers. Share their content and comment on their posts, and they will likely reciprocate. It’s a great way to gain exposure to a brand new audience that is already interested in and looking for art.

Giveaways and contests are another way to gain followers and views on Instagram and Facebook. Announce a giveaway of a piece of art to followers who share posts and tag friends. It’s free marketing and a fast path to new fans and followers.

If it seems too time-consuming to manage multiple social accounts, remember that platforms like Instagram and Facebook are linkable, making it necessary to create one post that publishes to both platforms. Just remember to check both platforms for comments and questions and respond quickly to keep viewers interested and coming back to see more beautiful epoxy resin art.

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