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Selecting the Right Product and Managing Room Temperature

For optimal results, it's important to select the right product for your project, and to manage the room temperature depending on the volume of product used in the project. The right product and the right room temperature will ensure that your project cures with a minimal amount of bubbles, and will not overheat.

Here's a summary of the four products we offer:

  • Table Top & Art Resin: optimal for coating applications or thin arts up to about 1/4" per pour. Self-levels to a thick 1/8", cures in ~16-24h.

The closer to the product's max recommended pour depth the pour is, the more important it becomes to control the room temperature to avoid overheating.

Optimally, you want to be able to keep the room temperature to ~75f from start to finish.

If the pour is so deep that the room needs to be cold to avoid overheating, then bubble-release will not be optimal. For example, a 3" pour using our 2" Deep Pour would require the room to be on the chilly side, say ~60f for several hours or more to go through the risky overheating phase, after which the temperature can be brought up to ~75f for the remaining cure time. Bubbles will have a harder time to release if the room is that cold.

For that reason, it's recommended to select a product that has a max recommended pour depth above your project's required pour depth, so you can set the room temperature to 75f and then forget about it. 

For example, a river table that requires a 2" pour would work best with our 4" Deep Pour product, as the room temperature can be around 75f without risk of the epoxy overheating with a single pour.

If using the 2" Deep Pour product, it would work well, but the room would need to be chillier (68-70f) for the first several hours, after which the room temperature can be brought up to ~75f for the remaining cure time. It will still lead to great results since 68-70f is not too cold, but it would be optimal to have the room temperature at ~75f from start to finish. In this case, two optimal solutions would be to use either the 4" Deep for a single pour, or two 1" pours using the 2" Deep Pour.

We hope that this helps you select the right epoxy resin product and to understand the science of managing the room temperature for optimal bubble-release, and to prevent your projects from overheating.

If you have any questions about our products or need help with your project, do no hesitate to reach out to us at

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